Why I'm Preparing to Seek the Nomination for B.C. Green Party 

I am deeply concerned about the direction of the province. British Columbia is an incredible place to live, but it faces critical challenges in the 21st century, and I don't see enough leadership from government. Both the BC Liberals and the BC NDP have failed to reduce emissions in the province and haven't done nearly enough to prepare for a changing climate. BC faces risks from flooding, wild fire, sea-level rise, heat waves, and crop impacts. Meanwhile, both the Liberals and the NDP have given billions of dollars to the oil and gas industry. 

That is not climate leadership. 

The pandemic is a turning point in our society and an opportunity to transition to a sustainable and resilient economy. This is our moment to build a low-carbon, localized economy that supports low-impact technologies, social justice, renewables, and community resilience. 

The pandemic has shown that we are vulnerable. We have witnessed supply chain problems in our food system, a lack of mental health coverage for people facing stress and uncertainty, and high unemployment levels in tourism and many other industries.  

We cannot return to "normal." We must take this opportunity to reimagine our society and economy. 

Most immediately, BC's medical system requires serious reform. We need a Green government to oversee necessary and long-avoided changes. Basic dentistry and mental health need to be covered by MSP. The province needs to train more doctors, retain more medical talent, expand services, and reduce absurd wait times. A major focus of my campaign will be health care. I am fortunate to be married to a psychotherapist, whose experiences as a practitioner has taught me much about our lack of public mental health services. 

The people of British Columbia, of all walks of life, should have basic access to mental health care, without reliance on private insurance companies. 

If you support this vision, I encourage you to read more about my campaign issues and review my biography. 

You can support me by registering or reactivating your B.C. Green Party membership. Only active members who live in the Victoria-Beacon Hill riding are eligible to vote: Register as a Member