Jeremy is proud to have been endorsed by the following groups and organizations.

BCGEUThe BCGEU is one of the largest and most diverse unions in British Columbia with over 85,000 members in 550 bargaining units in the public and private sectors.

Victoria Labour CouncilThe Victoria Labour Council is the local organization of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) at the city level. The CLC represents 3.2 million unionized workers across Canada.

Victoria Climate Action Team: A group of long-time Dogwood volunteers deeply concerned about the climate emergency. 

Homes for Living: A South Island community advocacy group pushing to solve the housing crisis through local action.

Livable Victoria: A group of community leaders who share a passion for making our region a more sustainable, vibrant, healthy, and inclusive place to live. Livable Victoria Members are Alieda Blandford, Nicole Chaland, Trevor Hancock, Christine Lintott, Todd Litman, Jordan Milne, Adrian Mohareb, Barb Myers, Christiane Sadeler, Julian West, Kaeley Wiseman, and Steve Woolrich   


Individuals Endorsing Jeremy's Campaign


Alieda Blandford - Past President of Fernwood Community Association and President of Victoria's Renter Advisory Committee

"I plan to vote for my friend & neighbour @JeremyCVictoria in this upcoming election! Jeremy is a community leader, sustainability expert, teacher, father, musician. I trust him to make thoughtful policy decisions about housing, transportation, and human rights in #yyj."


Roshan Vickery - Arts advocate, appraiser, and 2020 Victoria by-election candidate. 

"From his work with Atomic Vaudeville to his participation in local bands, Jeremy is a longtime supporter of Victoria's arts community. At a time when the arts are struggling, I am excited to support a candidate devoted to a vibrant arts and culture scene in Victoria."


Phillipe Lucas - Former Victoria City Councillor

"Jeremy Caradonna has a compelling vision for a more sustainable, healthier and happier Greater Victoria. Jeremy is extremely community-involved, and has made real and lasting commitments to improving this community. As an educator in environmental issues and a Provincial policy advisor on climate action, Jeremy brings an informed, independent and progressive voice to the regions most pressing issues, including homelessness, social and environmental sustainability, and regional food security. A vote for Jeremy Caradonna is a vote for a better Victoria."


Chris Hildreth, Owner and Founder of TOPSOIL

"Jeremy is an extremely intelligent, passionate, hard-working individual who cares deeply about his community and creating positive change for everyone. It is with the utmost pleasure and conviction that I support Jeremy Caradonna as the ideal candidate for city council."