Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medallist

“Jeremy Caradonna would make a fine addition to Victoria city council, and I feel honoured to endorse his bid for election. I served alongside him on the board of the Island Biodiesel Co-op where he proved to be an excellent communicator, a values-driven leader and a man of his word.”

Carol Pickup, former (and longtime) Saanich City Councillor

“I have had a chance to work with Jeremy on projects related to our shared interests, including a sustainable local food system. Jeremy has great values and an impressive resume. Speaking as a former and longtime city councillor, I can say that Jeremy has the right experience, leadership qualities, and temperament to serve on Victoria’s city council. I’m pleased to endorse him.”

Chris Hildreth, Owner and Founder of TOPSOIL

"Jeremy is an extremely intelligent, passionate, hard-working individual who cares deeply about his community and creating positive change for everyone. It is with the utmost pleasure and conviction that I support Jeremy Caradonna as the ideal candidate for city council."

Bobby Arbuss, Grassroots Activist

"I am excited to endorse Jeremy Caradonna for Victoria City council in the upcoming municipal by-election. 

He is a genuinely caring, progressive candidate who abounds with vital energy and personable warmth, is well-spoken, suitably educated and passionately driven to build local sustainable communities that can respond to the climate, ecological and inequality crises facing our world and our city.

His academic background, gifts as a skilled communicator and hands-on work in the community promoting permaculture models of land stewardship will have a grounding and catalyzing impact on Council."